Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


 1. What is "made-to-order"?

Made-to-order is the other term for "pre-order", where we only produce shoes after receiving an order. Doing this allows us to minimize our waste and inventory cost as low as possible, which in return enables us to keep our prices low for our customers' benefit. 


2. Why do I need to wait for 14 working-days?

After receiving your order & payment, we will send a production order to our workers. They will need around 7-8 days to produce your shoe, then another 2-3 days to deliver it to your house. Realistically, your shoes might arrive in 10 days. However, since we operate on a made-to-order basis, at times there might exist delays due to production challenges or supply shortages. Kindly note that our "Estimated Time Delivery" is an estimation, therefore delivery dates can be faster or slightly later.


3. Can I order the shoes in a different color, or request for lower heels?

As much as we would love to accomodate your personal taste and preference, we do not accept customized orders and any alteration on heel height, shoe color, fabric, or buckle size.  However, you can try our new DO-UP-YOURSELF feature where you can play around with colors and personalize your own Carline. Give it a try!


4. For every pair of UP shoes sold, IDR 5.000 directly goes to scholarship for low-income children. How do you select the potential students?

Our scholarship students are selected based on people's references on any child they know is bright & is a great learner however face difficulty in funding his/her own education. We commit to fully support their education until they complete (at least) 9 years of compulsory basic education, and we monitor their academic progress every month. In the past 4 years, we have also been working closely with GN-OTA, which you can read more here.


5. How is your sizing like?

Our sizes fit true-to-size, which has been verified by our satisfied customers (read: here). As there exist an incredibly wide range of feet size & type, we have to admit though that our "true-to-size" claim might not cater all types of feet. UP sizes fit perfectly for those having slim to normal feet width. For those with wider feet, we suggest to take one size bigger. For further information, you can always consult with us via email at [email protected]. If by any chance we recommend you the wrong size, we allow size exchange.


6. What about if the shoes I've bought don't fit, even after following UP's shoe size measurements?

The risk of buying shoes online is that customers don't get to try them on first. Even when the shoe length fits accordingly, there might be a risk of shoe width that might be too small for you. Your first purchase might be risky, but your next purchases should be safe with us given that you have seen & tried the shoes for yourself. We really hope customers can understand this fact, that this is a risk of any type of online transactions. However to avoid this risk, you can always consult with us via email at [email protected].


7. What are the shoe sizes UP provides?

UP currently provides shoes from size 35 - 42. We understand that your feet might not be within this range, either smaller or bigger. We'll try our best to improve on this matter and make available more complete sizes in the future.   


8. What are the payment methods available at UP?

For Indonesian-based customers, you can make payment via Bank Transfer (using ATM, m-banking, e-banking), Cash Deposit (using a Cash Deposit machine or visiting a bank and paying through the teller) or Credit Card (Visa or Masterbank). For international customers, you can either pay via PaypalWestern Union or Credit Card (Visa or Masterbank).


9. After placing an order, how come I did not receive any "Confirmation Email"?

After you place an order via our website, our system will automatically send you a "Confirmation Email" to your email account. If you have not received this "Confirmation Email", please kindly check your junk / spam inbox as our email might have gotten there.   


10. After I "Confirm Payment", why is my order status still "Awaiting Payment Verification"?

When you "Confirm Payment" on our website, we will receive a notification from the system informing us about your payment. We will then check our bank account to see whether we have received your payment in the correct amount, then only after this, we will log on to the system and mark your payment as 'verified'. This verification process itself might take a day, therefore during this time, you are actually "Awaiting Payment Verification" from us. After payment is verified, your next order status should appear as "In Production". 


11. Why is UP only available online?

Because we prefer to keep things simple and cost-efficient! By being cost-efficient, we get to offer customers low prices and great service.


12. Are UP shoes comfortable?

We don't like to over-claim, but as a shoe lover, we can proudly say that UP shoes are comfortable and is a fabulous bargain given our affordable prices. We try our best to give as much cushion as possible, so that we don't hurt our customers' feet and ball of foot even after hours of walking. We also pay attention to the lining we use to avoid you from having blisters.


13. How do you define UP shoes?

We see our shoes as simple and girly, yet edgy and bold. Our designs are meant to be for everyday wear, making it versatile for day and night, and suitable for all females; teens and adults. We stick to our mantra, "not too high, not too low. Nothing over-the-top, just the right dose".