How do I purchase UP shoes ?


Click SHOP to browse our shoes. Select the shoes you wish to order, choose the desired quantity and shoe size, then click ADD TO SHOPPING BASKET. This will direct you to our shopping basket page :

          1.  Your Shopping Basket 

Here you will see a list of shoes you have selected along with the size and quantity information. On this page, you are able to change size, quantity, or remove a product from your shopping basket. If you wish to browse and or purchase other shoes before finalizing your order, click I STILL WANT TO SHOP. If you are already satisfied with what you have in your shopping basket and ready to make an order, click I’M DONE & READY TO ORDER.

          2.  Your Details  

To proceed your shopping journey, we will require you to SIGN IN. If you are not a member yet, you can also SIGN UP from this page. When you have signed up or signed in, your contact details will show automatically. Click CONTINUE.

          3.  Confirm Order  

A summary of your order and contact details will appear. Kindly review once again and read our disclaimer. If you agree, tick the I AGREE box and click MAKE ORDER. A confirmation email will directly be sent to your email account.


What is a confirmation email ?

A confirmation email acts as an invoice, and consists of post-order information you need to know to finalize your order, basically our ACCOUNT NO. and your ORDER ID. Kindly transfer your payment to one of the accounts specified in the confirmation email, which is BCA or Bank Mandiri (for Indonesian customers), and Paypal or Western Union (for International customers).

After completing your payment, please visit back our website and click CONFIRM PAYMENT on the top-right to let us know that you have made the payment. On this page, enter your ORDER ID, then fill in the details of the account you used for making your payment. If payment is not completed within 5 days, your order will automatically be cancelled.


Why do I need to be a member ?

By becoming a member, you will be able to shop faster on your next purchases, as you will not need to enter your contact details again. Please be ensured that your contact details are kept privately and will not be misused for any matter other than your pleasure shopping here at Members also get to enjoy the benefit of special discounts on special occasions!